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Our mission is to develop a supportive institutional climate for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) faculty, staff, students, and patients at Weill Cornell Medicine and it affiliates. This inclusive climate encompasses professional development, equitable employment benefits, community outreach, medical student education, LGBT health-related research, inclusive patient care, and the instruction of best clinical practices for LGBT patients. Through continuous staff and student feedback, the committee strives to develop the infrastructure and activities that address the LGBT community's personal and professional needs.


The LGBT committee at Weill Cornell Medicine was formed in 2011 by students, staff and faculty to increase the visibility of the LGBT community and to advocate for the rights of our patients and ourselves in the medical center, hospital, and community beyond.

At that time the LGBT committee and the medical student committee Q! began collaborative work. Formerly known as LGBTO and then Cornell GLAMS, Q! is devoted to exploring LGBT issues in medicine. This includes creating and fostering an open and accepting environment for LGBT students at WCM, as well as holding events that provide forums for discussion of sexual orientation and identity in the medical context. The group organizes social events and has worked with the WCM administration to increase institutional LGBT visibility and to incorporate education on LGBT health issues into the medical student curriculum.

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