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Grants and Fellowship Opportunities

Travelers Summer Research Fellowship Program

At Weill Cornell Medicine, we have a unique opportunity to welcome students from a wide range of backgrounds - to enrich our community of scholars, to study, and to become the physicians of the future. Minority students become the physicians who address major disparities in health care, and our Travelers Summer Research Fellowship Program remains an essential part of that effort. The program is designed to give 25 underrepresented premedical students deeper insights into the field of medicine, including issues that greatly affect the health of traditionally underserved groups. Through the experiences of laboratory or clinical research, students learn how to pursue a specific research problem under the supervision of a faculty member, thus providing an early education into basic research techniques that could be applicable to any area of medicine. A lecture series explores topics in cardiovascular physiology, exposing students to basic science concepts that are relevant to a more specific understanding of hypertension and cardiovascular disease, both of which are major problems in minority communities. The summer fellows also attend a series of talks by minority physicians about various medical specialties, addressing issues of concern in these physicians' daily work. Rounds in the hospital with advanced year students provide further exposure to the clinical facets of medicine. Students in the program receive assistance with medical school planning and financial aid package counseling.

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Global Health Research Fellowship

The Weill Cornell Medicine Global Health Research Fellowship is a three-year fellowship designed to train generalist clinician-scientists for academic careers in global health research. This innovative fellowship is tailored for post-residency graduates in internal medicine, and provides a unique opportunity for essential time dedicated to field work and research training. Fellows receive intensive mentorship from international Weill Cornell faculty throughout their training.

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Hanna H. Gray Fellowship

The Hanna H. Gray Fellowship is one available outside the Weill Cornell Medicine Institution.  The Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI), recognizing the value of individuals from different backgrounds to move science forward, seeks to increase diversity in the biomedical research community. Through the new Hanna H. Gray Fellows Program, HHMI will recruit and retain individuals from groups underrepresented in the life sciences. The program will support early career scientists with the potential to become leaders in academic research. Through their successful careers, Hanna H. Gray Fellows will inspire the next generation of scientists from America’s diverse talent pool.

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