Community Leader Fellowship (CLF)

CLF NYC is a program designed by Fulbright Scholars and Tri-I PhD students in partnership with the Tri-I Outreach Club. CLF NYC is funded by a $10,000 grant from the U.S. Department of State. This program is a platform for virtual mentorship and extracurricular activity for NYC youth ages 16 to 22 from communities at most risk from consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic. This is an excellent opportunity for high school juniors and seniors, recent high school graduates, and students in their early undergraduate careers.



1. to equip all participating fellows with all adequate technology access (computers, wi-fi, software, etc.);

2. to provide each fellow the space and resources to design and execute a project on addressing an issue that has emerged or been exasperated by COVID-19 in the context of public health and community wellness, with the aid of a mentor;

3. to provide general mentorship and support to fellows in professional development and personal wellness through one-on-one and group-based mentorship.


Group meetings

Fellows will participate in biweekly CLF NYC group meetings where we will discuss project projection, host mental health awareness sessions, and invite speakers to give presentations on personal and professional development. Fellows that are interested in careers in STEM will have opportunities to engage with scientists from the Tri-I.


Fellow eligibility

Students and recent graduates between the ages of 16 and 22 from local communities most at risk from consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic are eligible to apply for CLF NYC.



Graduate students and postdoctoral fellows from the Tri-I are invited to mentor for CLF NYC. Mentors will be paired with a fellow and aid in the design, development, and execution of their public-health project. Mentors are asked to allocate 2 hours/week during the 8-week program. Mentors are invited but not required to participate in weekly group meetings. All mentors will receive training prior to the start of CLF NYC.


Public-health project examples

  1. Developing a community messaging app focused on discussing mental health

  2. Making a website to help high school seniors navigate applying to college during covid

  3. Organizing a community farmer’s market 


For more information on future programming:

Contact: Viktor Belay, Program Director


Social media:

Instagram: @communityleaderfellowship

YouTube: Community Leader Fellowship