Office of Diversity and Inclusion

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Staff Directory

Michelle Aivazov
Michelle Aivazov M.H.A.
  • Administrator and Diversity Council Member
Mark Albano
Mark Albano Ph.D.
  • Assistant Dean, Faculty Affairs
Phone: (212) 821-0737
Angela Charter-Lent
Angela Charter-Lent
  • Director, Human Resources Services
Phone: (646) 962-3734
Patrick Gallagher
Patrick Gallagher
  • Director, Human Resources Services
Phone: (646) 962-3735
Linnie Golightly
Linnie M. Golightly M.D.
  • Associate Dean, Diversity and Inclusion
Barbara Hempstead
Barbara Hempstead M.D., Ph.D.
  • Senior Associate Dean for Education
  • Associate Dean for Faculty Development
Phone: (212) 746-2195
Lyuba Konopasek, MD
Lyuba Konopasek MD
  • Designated Institutional Offical Graduate Medical Education Director
Gary Koretzky
Gary Koretzky M.D., Ph.D.
  • Dean, Weill Cornell Graduate School
  • Vice Dean for Research
  • Frank H.T. Rhodes Distinguished Professor of Cardiovascular Biology and Genetics
Phone: (212) 746-1361
W. Marcus Lambert
W. Marcus Lambert Ph.D.
  • Director of Diversity and Student Services, Weill Cornell Graduate School
Phone: (212) 746-6122
Jamal Lopez
Jamal Lopez
  • Manager of Employee Relations and Diversity
Phone: (646) 962-3099
Jane Salmon
Jane Salmon M.D.
  • Associate Dean of Faculty Affairs
Phone: (212) 606-1422
Nelson Sanchez
Nelson Sanchez M.D.
  • Chairman, LGBT Steering Committee
Phone: (212) 746-4007
Randi Silver
Randi Silver Ph.D.
  • Associate Dean, Graduate School of Medical Sciences
Phone: (212) 746-6565
Rache Simmons
Rache M. Simmons M.D.
  • Associate Dean, Diversity and Inclusion
Sahira Torres
Sahira Torres
  • Coordinator, Office of Community Service
Phone: (212) 746-3390
Elizabeth Wilson-Anstey
Elizabeth Wilson-Anstey M.A.
  • Assistant Dean for Student Affairs
Dana Zappetti, M.D.
Dana Zappetti M.D.
  • Associate Dean for Student Affairs
Phone: (212) 746-1058

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