Diversity Awards

Pioneers in Diversity Awards

The Pioneer in Diversity Awards were established in 2011 to honor faculty, staff, students and trainees including residents and post-docs. Each recipient receives a monetary award and commenorative plaque. Below is a listing of all who have been recognized with a Pioneer award for their outstanding contributions to our community.

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Ritu Banga Healthcare Disparities Research Awards 

The Ritu Banga Healthcare Disparities Research Awards are designed to further Weill Cornell Medicine’s goal of becoming a national leader in advancing diversity, inclusion, and gender equity within academic medicine.  The awards support excellence in research to improve the health of women and underrepresented minorities and/or to reduce health disparities in healthcare systems and in clinical settings, either locally or globally. Research into improving the diversityand gender balance of the biomedical workforce will also be supported, as lack of a representative workforce can be linked to health disparities.

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The Jessica M. and Natan Bibliowicz Award for Excellence in Mentoring Women Faculty

The  Jessica M. and Natan Bibliowicz Award for Excellence in Mentoring Women Faculty is an annual award that recognizes outstanding men and women faculty at Weill Cornell Medicine who demonstrate commitment to advancing the academic careers of women in the areas of clinical care, research, or education. The recipient of this award receive a $5,000 prize as well as a plaque in honor of his or her contributions to promoting the academic careers of women.

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