Faculty Affairs and Development

Office of Faculty Affairs

The Office of Faculty Affairs (OFA) serves the academic staff of the College in several ways. It provides guidance in the preparation of faculty dossiers for appointment, promotion, and tenure actions and implements guidelines for the appointment and promotion of all academic staff. The OFA determines college-wide schedules for submission of all recommendations for appointment and alerts departments to deadlines and procedures. It reviews all recommendations for appropriateness and credentials before processing, and supervises routing of all reviewed recommendations to the proper offices and/or governing bodies with the appropriate correspondence. The OFA orients new faculty and administrators as to guidelines and policies and serves as liaison with the University Academic Personnel Office and the Secretary to Board of Trustees.

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Office of Faculty Development

The Office of Faculty Development seeks to attract, foster and retain the next generation of clinical, translational and basic science leaders, while supporting the career advancement of current faculty members.

Activities include:

  • Educating faculty on the criteria for promotion and tenure
  • Facilitating and formalizing mentorship opportunities
  • Providing ongoing guidance to enhance career development
  • Assisting physicians, researchers and educators in achieving academic success at every stage of their careers, with targeted activities focusing upon the specific needs of junior, mid-career and senior faculty.

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