Office of Diversity and Inclusion
Years of Diversity Programming
Medical College Faculty Members are Female
International Students Enrolled in PhD Programs
Medical College Faculty Members are from Minority Groups
Elizabeth A. Wilson-Anstey, Ed.D., M.A.
  • Assistant Dean of Diversity and Student Life
  • Director, Travelers Summer Research
  • Fellowship Program for Premedical Students
"We strive to create a culture of inclusion where individuals from diverse backgrounds feel welcome, and have a sense of belonging at the institution."

Enhancing STEM Success for Women and Girls Keynote Lecture Video Link


Sian Leah Beilock became the 8th President of Barnard College in July, 2017. A cognitive scientist by training, she is focused on further developing Barnard as a singular institution. She is raising the College’s eminence in math, science... Read More

Current Students

Weill Cornell Medicine offers a myriad of educational pathways to its diverse student body. Discover and apply to our vast array of medical, residency and graduate programs available now.

"Throughout my time here at WCM, I’ve had an overwhelming amount of support from my mentors, peers and the diversity department. "
Taylor Floyd, Neuroscience PhD Candidate