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Proof of Weill Cornell Medicine’s commitment to include our diverse community.

"Throughout my time here at WCM, I’ve had an overwhelming amount of support from my mentors, peers and the diversity department. "
— Taylor Floyd, Neuroscience PhD Candidate,
Anticipated Graduation Year: 2021
Birth State, Country: Ohio, USA
Field of Study/Choosing WCM
I’ve always been interested in how the human brain executes so many complicated functions and makes every human unique. It blew my mind to conceptualize how the brain started off as a few cells and grew into the intricate bundle of folds we know and love. Throughout school, I was always that annoying kid asking hundreds of questions to try and absorb more knowledge. Due to my school curriculum, I only took 2 science courses in high school and didn’t seriously consider a job in neuroscience. Deterred from a science career, I spent the first two years of my undergraduate degree at Wright State University (WSU) trying to find my path. At the end of my sophomore year, I attended a science competition event and saw a 3D brain exhibit that explained the 4 broad regions and their purposes in the human experience. I was enraptured, and recalling my desire to better understand the brain, decided to switch to the biology track. 
After switching to biology, I worked in a developmental neuroscience lab under the guidance of Dr. David Ladle. With his excellent mentoring skills, I decided I wanted to continue studying developmental circuitry within the central nervous system and own my own laboratory. During my last year of undergrad, I wanted to find a university that: 
1) had a variety of developmental labs, 
2) resided in a great city 
3) promoted diverse students and faculty
4) strove to prepare its students for succeeding in the scientific work force.
Weill Cornell met all of my expectations and I’ve had a great experience being a part of the Neuroscience PhD program.
Experience at WCM
Throughout my time here at WCM, I’ve had an overwhelming amount of support from my mentors, peers and the diversity department. They have made my experience here wonderful throughout the good, the bad and the ugly moments of grad school life.
Raul Martinez-McFaline
"The essence of Weill Cornell Medicine is community "
— Raul Martinez-McFaline, Tri-Institutional M.D./Ph.D. Student, WCM Student Overseer

I have been so fortunate to meet so many incredible individuals in medical school, and now in graduate school. The awe-inspiring students and amazing faculty motivate me to do my best in both the clinic and the lab. I have had wonderful experiences so far and I look forward to many more.

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