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Safe Zone LGBT Allies

'Safe Zone' is a program designed to increase the overall campus community's understanding of and capacity to address issues faced by Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) persons. Effective implementation of Safe Zone programs requires the identification, training, and 'visibility' of institutional allies advocating for the LGBT community. The Safe Zone LGBT Ally Training was specifically designed for Weill Cornell Medicine and Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center community members to acquire the knowledge and skills to serve as an 'Ally'.

The LGBT Safe Zone Ally training is available online and may be accessed by any Weill Cornell Medicine staff member or clinician.

To Register for the LGBT Safe Zone Ally Training:
  • Go to (The best browsers for viewing content are Chrome or Safari.)
  • Log on using your CWID and password.
  • In the Find Learning box, type LGBT in the search field and click Go.
  • Hover over the course that pertains to you (either All Staff or Clinicians).
  • Click the Assign to Me link.
  • Click the Start Course link.
  • Click the link to start each lesson.
Please contact if you have any problems accessing this course in the Learning Management System (LMS).

Safe Zone LGBT Allies Workshop Participants (as of July 2017):

Abraham, Zebib (WCMC)

Adaku, Nneoma

Aden, Brandon (WCMC)

Alarcon, Audrea (WCMC)

Alturk, Zeina (Hunter)

Amigron, Nancy (NYP/WCMC)

Anaya, Michael (MSKCC)

Andrada, Zoe (WCMC)

Ardise, Selena

Bagabag, Arthur (MSKCC)

Baladi, Amanda (WCMC)

Battista, Ryan

Baumann, Steven

Baxi, Shrujal (MSKCC)

Berkman, Lauren

Berlin, David (WCMC)

Birks, Darren (WCMC)

Blustein, Rebekah (WCMC)

Boahene, Henrich (BronxWorks)

Bostwick, Susan (WCMC)

Bowden, Jill (MSKCC)

Brown, Carol (MSKCC)

Bryan, Carlene (WCMC)

Cabrera, Joanne (WCMC)

Caputo, Rocco (MSKCC)

Casey, Clare

Chang, Jane

Chasen, Stephen (WCMC)

Chen, Cui Sheung (WCMC)

Chondris, Maria

Christianer, Kaylan

Clark, Sunday (WCMC)

Coates, Sarah (WCMC)

Cohen, Julie Lee (WCMC)

Connolly, Anne (WCMC)

Cotter, Kylie (MSKCC)

Creelman, Carly (WCMC)

Curcio, Nicolette (WCMC)

Damaskos, Penelope (MSKCC)

Dasti, Denise (MSKCC)

Delgado, Diana (WCMC)

Dicenso, Dina (SUNY Downstate)

Dillon, Lisa (WCMC)

Doyle, Hannah (WCMC)

Du Mouchel, Moriann (WCMC)

Dubey, Anil (WCMC)

Duchatellier-Mapp, Simone (WCMC)

Egan, Barbara (MSKCC)

Ehntholt, Mikel

El Rayes, Tina (WCMC)

Engelberg, Alan (MSKCC)

Esmati, Farishta (MSKCC)

Estil, Jim (WCMC)

Estes, Christine (WCMC)

Fan, Xiying (WCMC)

Fein, Oliver (WCMC)

Fidali, Brian (WCMC)

Figueroa, Edgar (WCMC)

Fisk, William (WCMC)

Fleary, Alexandra (WCMC)

Francillon, Marie-France (NYC DOHMH)

Friede, Naomi (WCMC)

Garcia, Stephanie (Harlem Children's Zone)

Geltman, Elizabeth (Hunter)

Gerena, Ivan (MSKCC)

Ghiasian, Ghoncheh (WCMC)

Gilbert, Sydney (WCMC)

Girardi, Leonard (WCMC)

Goldstein, Marc (WCMC)

Golinska, Patrycja (WCMC)

Gomez, Melissa (WCMC)

Gordon, Benjamin (MSKCC)

Greene, Twana (WCMC)

Grodinsky, Emily (WCMC)

Groeger, Jeffrey (MSKCC)

Gross, Randy (MSKCC)

Guan, Da Xiang

Gubbins, Margaret (WCMC)

Guercio, Nina

Guerrier, Wodline (WCMC)

Haase, Curt (MSKCC)

Hailemelekot, Aradom (WCMC)

Hamid-Qazi, Rabia (WCMC)

Harris, Lewanza

Harville, Barbara (WCMC)

Haviland, Courtney (WCMC)

Hegel, Emily (WCMC)

Henry, Roseann

Hirschfeld, Cole (WCMC)

Horan, Christopher (MSKCC)

Horton, Roberta (Hospital for Special Surgery)

Hoyt, Michael (Hunter Center for Translational and Basic Research)

Huang, Hayden (MSKCC)

Hughes, Jenna (WCMC)

Hunter, Martin (WCMC)

Huwe, Victor (MSKCC)

Isa, Flonza (WCMC)

Iyriboz, Tunc (MSKCC)

Jaigua, Sylvia (WCMC)

Jainuddin, Shari (WCMC)

Jalickee, Andrea (WCMC)

Jirasevijinda, Thanakorn

Johnson, Kevin (WCMC)

Johnston, Carrie

Kabarti, Joseph (WCMC)

Kadar, Einat 

Kalaf, Rachel (WCMC)

Kasem, Hind (Hunter)

Kass, Jamie (WCMC)

Kelly-Rossini, Liza (WCMC)

Khan, Sarah (WCMC)

King, Thomas (WCMC)

Kleinert, Dorothy (WCMC)

Klyarfeld, Vera (WCMC)

Kochhar, Preethi (Montefiore)

Koh, Eileen (WCMC)

Kraus, Raphael (Montefiore)

Kreines, Fabiana

Krisko, Tibor

Kulikowski, Julia

Lambert, Marcus (WCMC)

Lampe, Lukas (Hospital for Special Surgery)

Lee, Mandy

Lekhiv, Nadia

Lesser, Steven (WCMC)

Lettrich, Ellen (WCMC)

Levine, Kristen (Harlem Children's Zone)

Levy, Richard (WCMC)

Leyro, Inez (MSKCC)

Li, Angela (WCMC)

Liung, Farah (NYC Smoke-Free @ Public Health Solutions)

Lynch, Harley (WCMC)

Madva, Elizabeth (WCMC)

Malonga, Grace (WCMC)

Manevich, Sophie (WCMC)

Mango, Lucy (WCMC)

Mattson, Marlin (WCMC)

McCabe, Mary (MSKCC)

McCarthy, Jessica (WCMC)

McCorry, Mary Clare (Cornell University)

McGinty, Geraldine

McKillop, Susan (NYP)

McMahon, Mollie (MSKCC)

Melman, Tamar (WCMC)

Merlo, Loretta (WCMC)

Merrick, Samuel

Milagros, Silva (NYP)

Milan, Carla (NYP)

Miller, Carlyle (WCMC)

Mills, Victoria (MSKCC)

Mirambeaux, Jennifer (WCMC)

Mix, Lisa (WCMC)

Montano, Joseph (WCMC)

Moon, Jennifer (WCMC)

Moschetta, Maria (WCMC)

Mueller, Suzanne (WCMC)

Mulligan, Shanta

Murakami, John (MSKCC)

Murenko, Vladimir (WCMC)

Murphy, Charles (WCMC)

Murray, Joseph (WCMC)

Myers, Mindy (WCMC)

Neely, Michelle (WCMC)

Neutts, Heather

Nicholls, Hayley

Nicolaysen, Lori (WCMC)

Norton, Denise (WCMC)

Noto, Katherine (WCMC)

Noy, Ariela (MSKCC)

Opryszko, Anna (WCMC)

Orias, Ric (Hunter College)

Pagan-Arocho, Nydia (WCMC)

Parker, Jacqueline

Pellegrini, Mariela (WCMC)

Perrone, Joann (MSKCC)

Phalan, Brendan (MSKCC)

Phillips, Lula Mae (WCMC)

Pho, Anthony (WCMC)

Phunthusuntorn, Ivy (WCMC)

Pomeranz, Harry (WCMC)

Poston, Daniel

Prasad, Lona (WCM)

Pulgarin, Brenda (WCMC)

Queen, Jessica

Ramey, Nathan

Henry, Roseann

Reiss, Emily (Hospital for Special Surgery)

Rhoss, Gwendoline

Richards, Paul (NYP)

Richardson, Bryce (MSKCC)

Riedman, Scott (MSKCC)

Rivas, Martin (WCMC)

Rivera, Audrey (WCMC)

Rizk, Leeann (Harlem Children's Zone)

Roberts, Kailey (MSKCC)

Roberts, Timothy (Hospital for Special Surgery)

Rodriguez, Maritza (WCMC)

Rollins, David (WCMC)

Romero, Jessica (NYP)

Rosen, Zachary (WCMC)

Saldivar, Timothy (MSKCC)

Sanchez, Nelson (WCMC/MSKCC)

Sanders, Abraham (WCMC)

Satty, Alexandra (WCMC)

Sax, Oliver (Hospital for Special Surgery)

Schreiner, Ryan (WCMC)

Schwartz-Orbach, Lianna (MSKCC)

Seirup, Joanna (WCMC)

Shaw, Amy

Sheikh, Maryam (WCMC)

Shinde, Shilpa (WCMC)

Shipman, William (WCMC)

Siegler, Eugenia (WCMC)

Simon, Jennifer (MSKCC)

Simmons, Andrew (WCMC)

Slade, Michael (WCMC)

Slaybaugh, Michelle (Harlem Children's Zone)

Soltren, Yvette (WCMC)

St Juste, Steve (MSKCC)

Starin, Sarah (WCMC)

Stewart, Melissa (MSKCC) 

Stracher, Adam (WCMC)

Tabb, Tish (MSKCC)

Talmor, Mia (WCMC) *

Tam, Kerilee

Taylor, Emery (WCMC)

Tegnestam, Linda (WCMC)

Teodoro, Alvin (NYP)

Thermidor, Ramondy (MSKCC)

Thomas, Trista (WCMC)

Toulouse, Bertrand (Hunter College)

Toussaint, Timeka (BronxWorks)

Tschinkel, Brian (WCMC)

Turner, Tamara (NYP)

Vaughan, Laura (WCMC)

Wade, Quanta (WCMC)

Wadowiec, Sylvia (WCMC)

Walsh, Jennifer (WCMC)

Walters, Chasity Burrows (MSKCC)

Walton, Michael (WCMC)

Webb, Nicholas (MSKCC)

Wexler, Karen (MSKCC)

Wikle, Charles (MSKCC)

Wilson-Anstey, Elizabeth (WCMC)

Wipperman, Matthew (MSKCC)

Viswanathan, Kartik (WCMC)

Yoder, Nicole

Young, Chainllie (NYP)

Young, Joy (MSKCC)

Yuen, Jane

Zakharieva, Lilya (WCMC)

Zhang, Angie (Hospital for Special Surgery)

Zonana, Jessica (WCM)

Zuk, Joshua

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