Camp Phoenix

Camp Phoenix is a student-run group founded in 2000 to provide a free, safe, nurturing, and stimulating environment for children (ages 7-12) who have been discharged from the burn unit of the hospital. We are affiliated with the New York Firefighter Burn Center Foundation and the medical staff of the New York Presbyterian Hospital Burn Center. The treatment and aftermath of surviving a serious burn can often include physical limitations, considerable stress, and diminished self-esteem. Our goal is to provide a setting for children who have survived burn injuries to experience activities that every child rightfully deserves but might not be accessible due to their environment. Positive interactions with other children with similar emotions will help replace a child’s feelings of isolation and resentment with encouragement, understanding, and comfort about their situation. These many benefits will extend outside the walls of our safe camp to help other aspects of a child’s life, including their education, family-life, and even their physical health. We want to give each child an opportunity to normalize their outlook on life and become the person of their dreams without physical or social limitations slowing them down. We believe that the camp environment we will provide is a successful way to offer this chance to the children.