Health for Life

Health 4 Life is a group that works with overweight or obese children and their families. Working together with pediatricians, nutritionists, social workers, and medical student volunteers help kids ages 7 - 18 learn how they can lead healthier lifestyles. The program meets for 8 consecutive weeks and consists of two major components: exercise and nutrition. During the exercise portion, kids discover fun new ways to stay in shape, and receive pedometers so that they can track their steps outside of the program. During the nutrition portion, the participants learn about the basics of nutrition and how to make healthy food choices through games and short lessons. Volunteers help with both components of the program, encouraging the kids to keep up the progress they are making, and helping to make the entire experience more enjoyable and entertaining. Volunteers have the opportunity to be role models, learn about great recipes that are easy, healthy, and fun to make, all while having a great time working with the kids. Health 4 Life is a program that asks for minimum commitment and at the same time allows one to make a difference!