Science and Medicine Enhancement Programs

The Science and Medicine Enhancement Program (SMEP) provides middle school students with hands-on opportunities to learn about health and disease through a multi-subject approach. SMEP students are from the Science and Medicine Middle School, a school serving students from the Canarsie and East Flatbush communities in the Brooklyn, NY. In a series of sessions held at the Weill Cornell Medical College in Manhattan, NY, groups of 3-4 students led by medical students work on hands-on group and individual activities designed to reinforce basic concepts in basic biology, physiology, pathophysiology and healthy living related to the diseases and health conditions that most affect the students' communities. During the program, students also engage with material through reading, research, persuasive writing, presentations and clinical skill sessions. The program culminates with students presenting and leading demonstration tables related to various curricular topics at a Community Health Fair held at the Science and Medicine Middle School.