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Access Summer Internship Program

The Access Summer Internship Program allows students to spend 10 weeks conducting research in a laboratory under the mentorship of an experienced scientist. Students attend lectures and discussions regarding the current status of biomedical research and the range of career opportunities available, attend workshops to sharpen their presentation and interview skills, and enroll in a GRE course to prepare them for examination.


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The Successful and Productive Academic Research Careers Jr. (SPARC Jr.)

The Successful and Productive Academic Research Careers Jr. (SPARC Jr.) program targets undergraduates, and functions as a networking opportunity for students from all summer programs at Weill Cornell, Rockefeller University, and Memorial Sloan Kettering. Students gain valuable advice regarding medical school/graduate school application, discuss financial aid, and are able to meet faculty members.

SPARC Jr is an annual conference hosted by the Office of Student Diversity, conceived in direct response to the NIH’s call for a vigilant response to the underrepresentation of women, racial and ethnic minority investigators in academic research.

The Travelers Summer Research Fellowship Program (T-SRF)

The Travelers Summer Research Fellowship Program (T-SRF) is designed to provide 25-27 premedical students with experiential research training, meaningful insights into the field of medicine, and enhanced knowledge of the conditions and policies impacting the health of traditionally underserved populations. By engaging in laboratory or clinical research, under the supervision of a faculty member, the T-SRF participants learn how to investigate a specific research question. Participants are thereby provided with a research training experience allowing them to acquire investigative techniques that can be later applied as they pursue their medical education.

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Weill Ithaca Summer Experience in Research (WISER)

The Weill-Ithaca Summer Experience in Research (WISER) is a joint program between Cornell Ithaca and Weill Cornell Medicine (WCM) geared to provide historically underrepresented and/or low-income students who are members of the Cornell University Pre-Professional Programs (P3) with biomedical research guidance and field experience.  These populations include but are not limited to students who identify as students of color, low-income, first-generation college students, veterans, non-traditional students and the intersections of these and other identities. Through WISER, pathways are built for students of diverse backgrounds to enter biomedical research careers and ultimately increase diversity in academic medicine and science.

The program provides six students interested in basic science, medicine, or health disparities research with an opportunity to conduct biomedical research with the mentorship of WCM faculty. Selected students participate in the six-week summer paid program on the WCM campus in New York City. 

Each student participates in a research project and is imbedded in the research group of their WCM faculty mentor. Students gather weekly to discuss their progress and challenges with their peers and the WCM Associate Dean of Diversity and Inclusion who directs the WISER program. Additional program elements include research and clinical seminars as well as sessions on topics such as medical research ethics, data analysis, how to give a scientific presentation, application processes for MD, PhD and MD-PhD programs, and financial aid. Students also participate in the annual Successful and Productive Academic Research Careers Jr. conference (SPARC Jr.). The conference targets undergraduates, and functions as a networking opportunity for students from all biomedical summer programs at Weill Cornell, Rockefeller University, and Memorial Sloan Kettering. At the end of the WISER program, students give an oral presentation of their research to their peers, research group members, and faculty mentors, and receive a certificate of completion.

This program is only for Cornell University students in the P3 Program. Applicants should have housing in the Greater New York City area and be able to commute to WCM each day for the duration of the program.

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Gateways Laboratory Program

The Gateways to the Laboratory Program was established in 1993. According to NIH, it is one of the top ten summer programs that are for the underrepresented minority and disadvantaged college students who wish to pursue a MD-PhD degree. This program focuses on educating freshmen and sophomores about the challenging and gratifying road of becoming a physician-scientist.

Fifteen students embark on a ten-week intensive journey, which gives them hands on experience in the hospital and labs. Each student receives a mentor and partakes in research projects, meetings, workshops, and more. At the end of the program students give a presentation of their research in front of their peers, family, and colleagues.


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Advancing Success and Persistence in Research Education (ASPiRE)

This past summer, Weill Cornell Medicine (WCM) became the recipient of the NIGMS R25 PREP funding program. This proposal supports the plan for WCM’s first post-baccalaureate research education program to enhance diversity in biomedical research. Our program, ASPiRE (Advancing Success and Persistence in Research Education), encompasses experiential and didactic research education, professional development coaching, academic success coaching, and tiered mentorship to produce future scientists and physician-scientists from backgrounds underrepresented in science who will thrive and persist in academia. 

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