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Diversity Council


The Weill Cornell Diversity Council (WCDC), co-chaired by the Associate Deans for Diversity and Inclusion, meets monthly and serves as a forum for students, faculty and administrative leadership. The departmental champions, faculty whom each department designates to lead diversity efforts, are welcome to attend these meetings. The organizational locus is the Office of Diversity and Inclusion, which contributes its staffing and funding to the WCDC. Key functions of the WCDC include: integrating diversity initiatives across all groups at WCM, reviewing existing pipeline programs and developing new pipeline initiatives, reviewing existing policies and developing new policies, and serving as a platform where all groups can voice their concerns.

Diversity Council Members

Said Ibrahim, MD, MPH, MBA

Linnie Golightly, MD

Rache Simmons, MD, FACS

Joy Howell, MD

Marcus Lambert, PhD

Sahira Torres, MS

Jane Salmon, MD

Elaine Barfield, MD

Nelson Sanchez, MD

Katherine Hajjar, MD

Randi  Silver, PhD

Suzanne Stein

Sheryl Orwel

Angela Charter-Lent 

Dana Zappetti, MD

Jamal Lopez, JD

Jeanie Huang

Susan Shelvin

Thanakorn  Jirasevijinda, MD

Avelino Amado, Ph.D.

Martin Shapiro, MD

Maria Compte, MD, MPH, TM

Fanesse George

Daisy Torres-Baez

Chantal Gooding

Lala Tanmoy Das

Sahar Jalal

Taylor Floyd

Josue Barnes

Elizabeth Omondi - Administrator

Department Diversity Champions

The primary role of the Diversity Champion is to work with their department chair to advance departmental diversity and inclusion goals by providing targeted programs and initiatives, and enhancing leadership awareness of the varied dimensions of diversity.


Danielle McCullough, M.D.


Sushmita Mukherjee, PhD

Cardiothoracic Surgery

Berhane Worku, M.D.


Eva Kerby, M.D.

Emergency Medicine

Maria Lame, M.D.

Feil BMRI 

Teresa Milner, M.D.

Genetic Medicine

Dolan Sondhi, M.D.


Susan Morales, M.D.


Susan Morales, M.D.

Microbiology and Immunology

Beate Schwer, Ph.D


Steven Karceski, M.D.


Caitlin Hoffman, M.D.

Obstetrics and Gynecology

Kevin Holcomb, M.D.


Cristiano Oliveira, M.D.


Jane Lane, M.D.

Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery

Vicky Banuchi, M.D.


Jessica Tyler, M.D.


Joy Deanna Howell, M.D. 


John Blenis, Ph.D

Physiology and Biophysics

Harel Weinstein, M.D. (Interim)

Population Health Sciences

Czarina Behrends, M.D. 


Jessica E Zonana, M.D. 

Radiation Oncology

Onyi Balogun, M.D.


Kemi Babagbemi, M.D.

Rehab Medicine

Dara Jones, M.D.

Reproductive Medicine

Joshua Stewart, M.D.


Anthony Watkins, M.D. 


Patrick Culligan, M.D.

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